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Arthur P Ohara, Inc provides Chicago businesses with full offices and conference rooms of rental office furniture. Our Office Furniture Rental program is easy and we do all the work for you so you’ll never have to rearrange your offices yourself again. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates for office furniture rental in Chicago and we guarantee fast and professional delivery. We set up all the rental office furniture for you and pick it up when you are done.

Why Office Furniture Rental vs Purchasing

Office Furniture Rental ChicagoPurchasing office furniture is expensive and a huge financial hit for a start-up business or for a seasonal staff. By renting your office furniture, your payments are completely deductible and it’s less of an initial investment to set up the rental agreement. We have completely filled and staged Chicago offices with office furniture rentals on permanent and semi-permanent terms. The flexibility is the best part of office furniture rentals because you don’t own the furniture, you don’t have to store it, move it, or set it up when employees come and go. We take care of all that for you.

Furniture Rentals allow for easy setup and flexibility

Office Furniture Rental ChicagoOne of the biggest reasons office furniture rental in Chicago is so popular is the seasonal offices. Chicago goes through every season there is and some businesses are not year round. Office furniture rentals in Chicago allow for easy setup, expansion, downsizing, and clear out on a moments notice. A great example of seasonal companies that expand and shrink back down during the year that could benefit from office furniture rentals in Chicago are landscaping companies. In the spring and summer when you need more staff, we can provide extra desks and chairs for everyone that can be picked up when the season is over. Office furniture rental allows your company's size to stretch without having the trouble of storing the empty furniture when it's not in use.

The possibilities are endless with office furniture rental services in Chicago. We provide the furniture that you need to run your business, you just have to continue your work. For more information about office furniture rental for your Chicago business, fill out our easy information form to the right.

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