No project is too big or small for us. We offer competitive rates, fast professional delivery, installation and pick up. Our rates and timetables are flexible, we will cater to your needs, and we can "make it happen" for you. Which is why our Chicago office furniture rentals are the best in the area.

Reasons to Rent Office Furniture

Conserve Capital

Office furniture rental provides businesses with a way to conserve capital. Invest in profit centers instead of spending a lot of cash up front on furniture. Also, when you rent, your payments are completely deductible. Instead of amortizing purchased furniture over the life of the asset, write off more now!

Relocating and Renovating

Moving and renovating a space can be an extremely complicated process. This sometimes involves creating a temporary or swing space while construction occurs. Office furniture rental can be used in these circumstances while the permanent furniture floor plan is being prepared.


In the unfortunate case of disasters such as fires, floods, or other natural disasters, office furniture rental allows you to remain operational with little or no downtime, while a long-term solution can be worked out.


Training seminars each have different needs and requirements for their rental training rooms. They vary depending on class size, group interactivity, technology requirements, table size, and office chair rentals type. Rental training room office furniture gives you the flexibility you need to customize the space to suit and enhance the needs of the training.

Seasonal Business

In some industries, office space, personnel and furniture needs expand according to seasons or business cycles. For example, law firms take on summer interns, tax firms expand their staff temporarily during tax season, or special projects require consultants or additional staff on the premises until the project is completed. In these and other cases, office furniture rental enables you to temporarily expand your capabilities until the project or the season is over.

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Let our experts help you put together your perfect office space! We have a reputation for having a solution for just about any office furniture need.

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