Bloom Energy Power Purchase Agreement

September 12, 2021

Many physical PAS contracts include an escalator on the price, but these escalation rates are typically lower than historical price increases related to the standard supplier`s electricity price. At the end of the contract term, many physical PPAs equipped with on-site systems offer the customer the option to either sign a new contract or acquire the system at fair market value. This allows some customers to combine immediate savings (through physical ECA) with the potential benefits of system ownership. In 2014, Green Power Partners American University and George Washington University signed a 20-year PPA with Capital Partners Solar Project, provided by Duke Energy Renewables.1 This agreement resulted in the creation of a 52-megawatt solar facility in North Carolina, which was then the largest photovoltaic project east of the Mississippi River. The project aims to provide the two universities with about half of their electricity needs. Learn more about the Capital Partners Solar Project (PDF) (6 pages, 349K) Released. This step requires a bit of math, so grab your pencil and paper or a calculator. Small wind turbines used for homes typically produce between 400 watts and 20 kilowatts. The average house consumes about 10,932 kilowatt hours per year. With this utilization rate, it would take a wind turbine that, according to, generates between 5 and 15 kilowatts per day. The height at which your turbine is mounted influences its power, with heavily increased turbines providing more power.

Physical PPAs are often an attractive option for purchasing green electricity for nonprofits that can`t use federal tax credits to purchase their own renewable energy system. Thanks to physical PPAs, thirds of the system savings through cheaper electricity can be passed on to non-profit organizations...

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