Ceasefire Agreement In Colombia

April 8, 2021

In addition, the negotiating parties also announced an agreement on security guarantees to ensure the security of social movements, communities, human rights groups, political parties and movements (particularly the political movement that the FARC must establish in their reintegration into civilian life). Symbolically, this agreement includes a "national political pact" with political parties, trade unions and civil society to ensure that weapons are never again used to pursue political objectives or violent organizations that are encouraged. [76] [77] The FARC declared two unilateral temporary ceasefires during the first and second rounds of presidential elections, between 20 and 28 May and again between 9 and 30 June. [36] The Victims Agreement provides for seven measures for comprehensive reparations to contribute to peace-building, victim recognition and war damage. Victims must be at the centre of all reparations. [122] The representative of China endorsed the three priorities for 2020 outlined in the Secretary-General`s report. Strengthening aspects of the development of the peace agreement is essential to its long-term success. He praised the joint efforts of the government and FARC-EP to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in reintegration areas and called on the mission to take care of its staff as the pandemic develops. He noted that 2020 marks the twentieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Beijing and Bogota and said his country would continue to work with the Colombian government and people "at this exceptional time." The government`s biggest challenge will be to move from speech (or signed agreements) to action. They must strengthen internal cohesion and strengthen regional institutional capacity so that the agreement can be fully implemented. David Santiago Cano Salazar, youth officer, also told the Council that all Colombians who have experienced the conflict have suffered the consequences of the violence. Raised in Medellén, he remembers the slain neighbors, the corpses on television, the sounds of gunfire and the pervasive anguish. While the peace agreement is hopeful, it has also raised expectations for peace that is finally taking hold in rural Colombia.

These expectations remain and all Colombians must play their part in the implementation of the entire peace agreement. On 23 June, it was also unexpectedly learned that the FARC had agreed to support the Constitutional Court`s decision on the referendum - in short, the FARC expressly approved the referendum as a mechanism for ratifying the final agreement. Before the announcements on 23 June, Constitutional Court Judge Luis Ernesto Vargas had already presented a positive report (Ponencia) on the referendum. [78] International support for the implementation of the agreement is aimed at strengthening the guarantees of implementation of the agreement and providing the experience, resources, monitoring and best practices to contribute to the implementation of the agreement. Among the international organisations targeted are the European Union, the food and agriculture organization Via Campesina, Unasur, Switzerland, the Dutch Institute for Multiparty Democracy, UNESCO, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the United States of America, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Red Cross, the International Centre for Transitional Justice. Sweden and UN Women. [112] UN Special Envoy Carlos Ruiz Massieu said there had been "considerable respect" for the ceasefire within the ELN and called on him to "extend the ceasefire. On 15 December, the final agreement on the fifth item on the agenda (victims), which includes transitional justice, was finally announced by the parties to the negotiations in Cuba.

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