European Au Pair Agreement

September 19, 2021

Article 12 was included in the Convention because it was important that, in each State party, only reliable organizations were involved in peer mediation. The "Au Pair" internship, which has been around for a long time, is therefore particularly popular, as it allows them to get to know a country well without too much cost and even, in the case of young people, without their family having to keep them during the internship. This paragraph establishes the general principle that a person placed as a "peer" may not be under 17 years of age or over 30 years of age. The Europe Agreement on the Intermediation of Au Pairs includes: as regards the preceding paragraph, this paragraph defines the meaning of the term `au pairs` used in Article 3 et seq. of the Agreement. Article 11 1. If the agreement referred to in Article 6 has been concluded for an indefinite period, each party shall have the right to terminate it within two weeks. 2. Whether or not the agreement has been concluded for a given period, it may be terminated with immediate effect by any party if the other party has serious misconduct or if other serious circumstances require such termination. In determining the purpose of this paragraph, it is also important to take into account the fifth recital in the preamble, which states that "persons classified as au pairs do not belong to the student category or to the category of workers, but to a particular category which has the characteristics of both ... ».

All au pairs travelling to Belgium must conclude contracts with their host families. Please download the form according to the region where your host family lives: Article 7 The agreement referred to in Article 6 defines, among other things, how the person placed "AuPair" must share the life of the host family while enjoying a certain degree of independence. This article stipulates that the general conditions of each "au pair" mediation must be set out in the written agreement referred to in article 6. - that the "au pair" accommodation must be "temporary", - that its purpose must be cultural, - that the persons placed must be foreigners - and that the placement in family must be done. EU au pairs only need the au pair`s contract. Peers from third countries need both the au pair contract and the invitation letter: - that the objective of the agreement provided for in Article 6 is to define "the rights and obligations of the au pair and the host family" in accordance with the agreement; But while this form of investing is not new, its nature has changed. In the past, arranged amicably between known families or by mutual acquaintances, it has become a unique social phenomenon due to the frequency and large number of people involved. . . .

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