Frivolous Agreement Meaning

September 21, 2021

In its most basic and ancient uses, frivol simply describes things of minor importance. You can call anything you don`t find interesting "frivolous," from ridiculous products to insolent forms of entertainment to ridiculous occupations. What lacks seriousness in a more technical sense can also be described by the word; A frivolous essay or book does not deal with important topics or ideas. If you apply the word frivolous to something, you say it doesn`t deserve serious attention. A light action has no legal value. In some cases, such an action may be brought in bad intent to harass the defendant. In such a case, the person who resonates lightly may be held liable for damages for malicious prosecution. It is impossible for me to know if your son`s mother`s request was frivolous under the law, without further information. It is important to keep in mind that the court, in general, promotes freedom of trial and therefore it is very difficult to succeed in a case in which a person has filed a complaint or application lightly. It is not necessary for the demand to be imposed with certainty, or even to prevail.

All you have to do is show that the claims are plausible. If you intend to take legal action as a result of a casual assertion, I recommend that you meet with a lawyer near you so that they can review your case in detail. The fundamental concern for harassed or frivolous claims focuses on defending the integrity of the judicial system. Our justice system is designed to safeguard the rights of individuals and businesses and to protect the public. That is why it must be viewed with the utmost respect. Interestingly, the famous case, most often cited as an example of a "frivolous complaint," was not frivolous at all. At HMC Lawyers, our lawyers can help you determine whether you have a right or not. If you think you want to take legal action and are curious about the potential chances of success, or if you think you are a defendant in a harassing or frivolous claim, contact us online or call 1-800-480-3534 to make an appointment.

With offices in Calgary, we represent professionals in Calgary, across Alberta and across Western Canada. Most courts are overwhelmed by legitimate remedies. That is why judges find it particularly frustrating that a light action is filed. Fortunately, judges have the power to sanction lawyers and prosecutors who prosecute lightly. The government is asking us to impose sanctions on Crain if it makes this casual appeal, as approved by the Fed.

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