Merchant Referral Agreement

April 10, 2021

2 1.8. "MES Dealer," an institution designated by ESM under this agreement, which entered into a transaction agreement with LEE after being approved by the ESM in accordance with its Merchant Processing Services insurance guidelines, services provided to businesses that accept credit and/or debit cards issued in accordance with the association`s operating rules, including credit and insurance activities, merchant account creation, authorization and processing, merchant accounting and accounting, after-sales service, load return and consultation, risk management, merchant communication and "MES Technology" portfolio management refers to the ESM system that manages the credit card process and conducts online credit card transaction reporting with online payment settlement information from the Rules of Settlement and Settlement Systems authorization. , have the meaning set out in THE AGREEMENT 2.1 section, instruction notices, official regulations, bulletins, communications and similar documents published by associations or "Term" MY. MES and Company undertake to cooperate in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and to support each other through a recommendation program. 3. COMPANY S DUTIES 3.1. The company refers resellers to MES for merchant processing services. The company sends the distributor to an online Splash page where the merchant can fill out a reminder form or make the distributor`s free ESM phone number available to reach the ESM distribution group. The company bears all sales and marketing costs of MES Merchant Processing Services, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 4.

MES s DUTIES 4.1. MES makes all of the company`s merchant recommendations, as described in more detail in the guidelines for underwriting. When the merchant is approved, MES establishes a reseller account number and enters into a reseller contract with the merchant, which contains any type of relevant credit or debit card. The dealer`s obligations under the dealer processing agreement only work for MES my will be priced for each reseller account meS offers all merchant processing services to Merchants MES can provide reseller terminals or internet payment gateway services in conjunction with a reseller account. In the event that the distributor has acceptable terminals, MES will download appropriate terminal software. In case the dealer has acceptable gateway services, MES provides reseller account details that are sufficient to set up a gateway for operational capability. 5. FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS 5.1. MES and Société agree that the company`s compensation is defined in Schedule A.

All compensation paid to the company under the dealer recommendation program is extinguished with the termination of this agreement. 6. UNDERWRITING GUIDELINES 6.1. MES will own the dealer contract. As my owners of the dealership contract and the risk and liability under the dealership contract, MES exclusively determines the insurance guidelines and authorizations for dealers that are served by mes Merchant processing services.

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