Mortgage Loan Originator Compensation Agreement

April 10, 2021

When a lender receives direct compensation from a consumer, the lender cannot receive double compensation or compensation from others associated with the loan.24 (o) The lowest interest rate at which the member is eligible; (o The loan with the lowest total amount at the points of reduction, points of origin or the original fee (or if two or more loans have the same amount at discount points, points of origin or original fees, the loan at the lowest interest rate, which has the lowest amount in discount points , origin points or original fees); and o The lowest interest rate for which the member is eligible for a loan without risky features, such as a pre-tax penalty, negative depreciation or a balloon payment in the first seven years. The records are sufficient to prove payment and compensation when they prove the following facts: compensation paid to a lender on the basis of profits derived from the mortgage activity is generally considered to be prohibited compensation on the basis of the terms of several transactions made by several individual lenders. When your credit union pays a lender, you generally cannot pay this type of compensation. Your credit union may also have to meet general aspects of additional requirements for your responsible employees, which must be registered with NMLSR only under the SAFE Act - and which are not authorized.28 The rule sets expectations to ensure that individual lenders who do not need to be approved under the SAFE Act are qualified and trustworthy. and well-trained. The rule describes certain qualification requirements for your credit union (if it is an initiating loan organization) and your employees (if they serve as individual lenders) to demonstrate financial responsibility, character and general suitability. Similarly, this rule imposes additional qualification requirements for your employees who act as lenders who, while employed by an agency subject to a federal audit and oversight regime, must be registered only in accordance with the SAFE Act. As a general rule, the payment of a bonus from a bonus pool, which takes into account earnings from closed consumer loans guaranteed by a dwelling, is also prohibited.

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