Art Loan Agreements

September 11, 2021

4 2. To the extent that the creditor does not choose to maintain its own insurance cover during the loan period, the institution shall insure that work of art, under non-life all-risk insurance, up to the amount indicated in front of this Agreement, against any risk of physical loss or damage for external reasons, while they are on site for the duration of the loan. The Directive referred to contains restrictions in cases of force majeure and the usual exclusions for loss or damage due to wear and tear, progressive deterioration, moth, vermin, inherent lorry or damage resulting from an authorised process of repair, restoration or alteration or from causes such as hostile or bellicose acts in time of peace or war, nuclear, nuclear or radioactive violence; Reaction or contamination, insurrection, rebellion, civil war, usurped power, measures taken by government authorities to hinder, combat or defend such an event, seize or destroy in quarantine or customs regulations, seize on the order of a governmental or public authority or risk illicit smuggling, transport or trafficking. As a lender, you must be informed of all the tax advantages you can use and address yourself in the credit agreement. Form, agreement, short, loan, equipment, short form Loan agreement 3 A countersigned copy will be returned to you for your documents. URM-010 Artwork Loan Agreement NSHE Risanagement Situation: 05/2006 2. k M CONDITIONS OF THE LOAN CONTRACT 1. Unless permission is denied in writing, the lender is deemed to authorize the institution to photograph and reproduce in all media loans for catalogue publications and archives, education and advertising. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the institution shall grant credit to the lender as set out on the front of this Agreement in all labels or publications.

If there is more than one work of art subject to this Agreement, the information required on page one of the Agreement must be appended in writing by the lender and registered for each work of art. . . .

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