Framework Partnership Agreement Sesar

April 9, 2021

The Internal Cooperation Agreement (ICA) is an integral part of the VPA. There is only one ICA that binds all partners. A draft ICA was presented to the EC as part of THE SESAR Deployment Alliance`s proposal to the European Commission. In accordance with the principles of the high-level framework agreement between the EC and its partners, the ICA also presents the main agreements concluded between the partners, in particular the relations between the partners grouped within the SESAR Deployment Manager (level of governance management) and the implementation partners (level of implementation of governance). In selecting the SDA as SESAR`s deployment manager, the EC confirmed that the rules proposed in the ICA project were in line with the provisions of the VPA. The ICA has been completed. After further review by the EC, it is signed by the coordination partners grouped within SESAR Deployment Manager. The ICA is made available via this website. Pending publication, SdM published a briefing note on 25 February 2015 on the main features of the ICA (consultation, SDM membership mechanism, VPA coordination fee) and is available here. Commissioner Violeta Bulc said: "Today`s agreement is a great success for European aviation, which is forever changing the European air traffic control system to make it smarter, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and safer. It also presents an important step towards achieving the single European sky.

These projects will have economic benefits for the EU as a whole, contributing more than 400 billion euros to their GDP, creating more than 300,000 new jobs and saving 50 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. The easiest way is to send an email to or and express your interest in participating in the working group. You`ll hear from us very quickly, because we want you on the team! Contractual reports are in line with the MIE framework, which is itself in line with the EU`s general subsidy management rules. The eligibility period for proposals submitted under the 2016 MIE appeal covers the period of February 2017 (date of submission of proposals) - December 2020, as indicated in the standard returns to operational stakeholders following the indications of interest.

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