H1B Visa Employment Agreement

September 22, 2021

(C) support limited objectives in the development or use of products or services that correspond to or are substantially similar to the products and services provided by the Company. It is not prohibited to carry out an activity or employment of the employee that is in no way in competition with the company. This employment contract (this "contract") will be made on March 13. 2004 by and between DHOKHA CONCEPTS, LLC. a limited liability company in Kentucky (the "Company") and NISHIT GAJJAR (the "Employee") and makes available: The Company has offered and the employee thus agrees to take care of the Business under the following conditions: To remain in the United States, an H-1B worker must maintain his visa status, remaining employed by the employer who originally sponsored his visa (the "Sponsoring Employer"). As soon as he no longer works for the sponsoring employer, H-1B visa worker status is threatened. The H-1B visa rules require the worker to be employed in a position directly related to his or her subject and specialty. In other words, when an H-1B worker is laid off, he or she must find a similar position that relates to his or her area of expertise. H-1B workers get an additional time of only 60 days between jobs. Thus, a non-compete clause will not only prevent an H-1B worker from working elsewhere, but it may also force his deportation from the United States. 2.

Obligations of the employee: the employee performs the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to him from time to time by the company. The employee will faithfully devote his best efforts and full-time, knowledge and ability to move the business of the company forward. The employee agrees that the employee will not engage in any other employment, employment, counseling or other business activity during the term of the employee`s employment in the business. The employee will also not participate in other activities that conflict with the company`s activities. The employee will perform duties for the company at the customer`s workplace and will be able to work closely with the company`s customer staff. The employee understands and agrees that the relationship with the customer is a critical asset of the company and the employee will not take any action to undermine or disrupt the relationship between the company and any of its customers. (ii) the limited purposes are: (i) any customer or customer for whom the employee has provided services or to whom the employee has been introduced in the course of his or her employment with the company for which the company is providing services at the time of termination of this Agreement, (ii) any potential customer or customer that the company has actively marketed or intends to market, of which the employee was aware; at the time of termination of the employee`s employment relationship in the enterprise. . .


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