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April 15, 2021

A formal agreement of the university, the student and a host organization must be concluded before carrying out DEI activities. Exceptions are those that are made under the "Students as Staff" program or in a university hospital. The university cannot live with a part of itself. An agreement is essentially a contract that protects all parties involved. Use Agreement A in which students engage in an activity comparable to that of a counsellor, for example. B propose solutions to meet the challenge of a host. Students own intellectual property (IP), but give the host organization a license to use the solution internally. There will often be a number of students, and this agreement is designed to be made once by the host organization and by all students - hence the use of students and not students. If in doubt or if none of these agreements meet your requirements, please contact the university`s legal team. A safer community should be used to report and conduct incidents such as harassment, harassment and sexual assault that do not require immediate response. If you want to copy and paste, the web address of this object is as follows: mams.rmit.edu.au/r683zkz5fy24.pdf The Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004) requires the university to ensure that staff and students are not put in dangerous situations.

Employees can meet this requirement in WIL contexts with the certainty that OFFsite-WIL activities and environments are safe and that they help students` well-being. Students who operate WIL in VU-affiliated clubs and clubs are covered by VU insurance. With respect to WIL, the VU expects host organizations to have adequate insurance coverage for all persons acting on their behalf (including students seen on internships). However, if the host organization does not provide adequate coverage, this will be automatic for eligible students who participate in WIL activities. To be eligible, a LA VU student must be: Note that for the vast majority of WIL`s activities, Agreement A is the preferred document. Staff can benefit from the fact that you have learners with these attributes in a course. Where WIL is part of deeper and more complex partnerships, it can be a bridge to research partnerships and other strong external relationships. Hosts and partners generally appreciate WIL for this reason, as well as a way to update the knowledge currency in their organization and a recruitment strategy. What is the DE WIL agreement? The WIL agreement is a legal document between the parties: WIL benefits all parties involved if it is properly done; Students, teachers, universities, municipalities and employers. Students develop better professional, practical and academic skills, as well as increased employability, career planning skills and knowledge, as well as expanded professional networks. The development of these skills and competencies corresponds to the skills of Victoria University.

QUALITY SWIL can also support the commitment and commitment of students in their studies. . The needs of students who perform OFFsite WIL are largely determined by the policy of host organizations. Please contact work Integrated Learning E-Mail below with suggestions on the content of this page or to discuss issues related to LA WIL.

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