5 Office Design Ideas on a Budget

Perhaps your current office space is feeling dated and drab and you have no idea where to start?  Or maybe construction is finished, the cubicles are installed with bulletproof shield dividers, desks and chairs are in place, but it still looks bare? If you are looking an office furniture design and space-plan; the most cost effective way is sign up for our free design consultations.  If you are looking to hire more employees, reconfigure your cubicles or update your furniture we would love to help with your furniture layout.  However, if new office furniture is not in the budget, there are some simple ways to define and refresh your office space on a budget.

This article on Forbes offers great inspiration. Your company does not have to be a fortune 500 company like Zappos, Google or Groupon to give your space style and identity. Below are 5 cost-conscious design tips to help you get started in designing office space or updating your office space.


Paint is one the most cost effective ways to update and design your office space.  Selecting the proper colors can define and bring your workplace to life.  Some of the latest trends in office furniture as well as office design are bold and bright colors. Paint colors can be selected to complement or contrast the desk colors or  cubicles as well desk chair fabrics. Check out these images below.

   Paint 3  Paint 2 Paint 1 Paint 4



Office artwork is a way to add color and personality to your office space.  The art work can tell a story about the company origins, story, style and purpose. 

Art 2 Art 1


Office signage is an important component of your office space and company brand.  Office space trends are using vinyl decals to boldly display the company mission, vision and inspiration on the walls.  Vinyl decals is a trend in office space design that adds bold large artwork to vast empty walls.  Decals can range in price.  For more info please check out these website:  https://www.vinylimpression.co.uk/pages/office-branding or http://www.alphabetshop.com/corporate-branding/

Decal 2 Decal 1



Whiteboards are great in conference rooms however the office space trend is to move whiteboards out into open space.  Not only are whiteboards moving out into open spaces they are made from many different materials including paint, vinyl decals and glass. Many of these are offered in a variety of different colors instead of the standard white in order to give areas a fresh and exciting aesthetic. I found out about this LTC Office Supplies -Recycling Bins company that offers many options and tools that may come in handy for business.

Whiteboards  Glass white boards


Plants in the office not only offer visual benefits, certain plants purify the air, reduce stress and noise. There have been many studies that show adding plants to an office can increase employee productivity by 15 percent. It allows the workplace to become a more enjoyable place to be, increasing employee happiness and in-turn; profits.   http://www.ambius.com/indoor-plants/office-plants/benefits/index.html

Plant 3  Plant 1

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