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Your office is a reflection of your brand. It impacts your company culture, morale, and plays a critical role for small and medium sized business’s attracting and retaining top talent.

Creating a work environment for your growing business is a complicated process that requires a plan. The plan is FREE and our knowledgeable experts are ready to ask the questions. With a 95% satisfaction rating, our customers choose us because we know how your office furniture helps business productivity, employee health, collaboration, retaining talent, and changing culture.

How It Works

  1. Site Visit: We will come to you. From there we can take field measurements, ask questions to understand your needs and the scope of your project.
  2. Space Planning and Design: We will design and propose solutions for free. These may include furniture layouts, color renderings, product photos and budgetary pricing. We will ensure the specification complies with all applicable building codes and requirements.
  3. Product and Finish Material Selection: You are welcome to visit our showroom to view products and we will assist in selecting finish materials in our design center.
  4. Project Management: This is the most important step! When you choose Arthur P. O’h, we view ourselves as a part of your team. Our mission is to ensure that our role in your project is something you never need to worry about.

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A furniture manufacturer today has multiple lines, each with thousands of part/finish/option combinations. A single project can easily contain 3,000 to 30,000 individual parts. A dealership’s clients expect 100% precision for the layout, ordering, receipt and assembly of those parts – with each part being application specific and requiring sequential assembly; placed to the inch and assembled within a fixed, immovable building; interconnected to the building’s electrical/telecommunications services; all accomplished within a specific ‘window’ of a pre-set schedule; and coordinated with numerous other project parties, none of whom the dealership has authority over.”

Barry Coyle, Installation Economics

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