Swivel Tilt provides creative, cost effective solutions for every educational space. From the classroom to the business office, our goal is to provide the best solutions through careful product selection, value engineering and deeper discounting through manufacturer purchasing contracts.

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Leverage your buying power of more than 48,000 entities with the Omnia Partners public sector purchasing cooperative. Pay less for products and reduce administration costs. Enrollment is easy!

K-12 Schools

We have access to industry leading manufacturers of educational furniture. We have solutions for classrooms, lockers and cubbies, library furniture including circulation desks, common area tables and seating, cafeteria furniture and office desks and systems for administrative workers

Higher Education

Our partners in higher education value our expertise in providing solutions that meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. We also understand the challenges of meeting these needs combined with budget constraints and sustainability goals.


Many traditional sellers to the educational market can overlook the needs of administrative offices of K-12 Schools and Colleges + Universities. Our experts will help you create comfortable, productive workspaces for administrative staff.

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