St Vincent De Paul Society Enterprise Agreement

October 8, 2021

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a leading provider of support services to local communities and has supported disadvantaged people in NSW for over 130 years. Our employees reach the most vulnerable in our community through our conferences, special assignments and Vinnies boutiques. The company`s mission is to create a more just and compassionate society, offering a "high-handed" approach to those in need, respecting their dignity, sharing our hope and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny. If you are looking for a career that is worth it in all respects, take a look at our job postings. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers exciting career opportunities for people who want to apply their professional skills in a job that gives something back to the community. Prior to any job offer, preferred candidates must complete pre-employment checks, including reference checks, police check, child labour check, health declaration and/or medical examination, right to work verification in Australia. The company is committed to being a safe organization for children, you can find more information in the commitment of the Society for the Protection of Children and Adolescents. For industry tips and advice or to arrange a job visit, contact Connect Services at 3844-5300 or visit Some employers have argued that we now live in a 24/7 economy and that the distinction between working on Sundays or holidays is irrelevant.

Vinnies rejects this argument. The vast majority of the population still works standard work weeks and needs weekends to rest, make contacts, play and pray. There is ample evidence that weekend work harms these non-work-related activities, reduces quality of life, reduces time spent with family, affects work-life balance and affects the overall health of workers. While a third of Australians depend on regular Sunday shifts as part of their salary, nearly 40% of young people need penalties to survive. For many of these young people, Sunday work is a necessity, not a matter of lifestyle. Sunday penalties help offset income they don`t receive when they study, do care work, or aren`t sufficiently scheduled as casual workers. Ozcare and St. .

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